HotSpotVPN is a pure Virtual Private Network (VPN) service with your privacy at the core of it's business model.

  • HotSpotVPN does not un-encrypt your data for advertisers or provide VPN service as a means to sell you other services.
  • All Microsoft, Apple, and most opensource operating systems are fully supported as are all andriod and apple iOS portable devices. 
  • HotSpotVPN works with all of your applications, not just your web browser.
  • PPTP L2TP and IPSEC VPNs are easy to block and often do not work out in the wild. HotSpotVPN2 works where other VPNs will not so you can be protected at every turn, everyday, everywhere.
  • HotSpotVPN offers the strongest encryption (256bits vs. 128bits) of any commercially available Virtual Private Network. If the government wouldn't use 128bit encryption why should you?
  • You can use your VOIP even when your ISP does not want you to.
  • No additional services are required. There are no hidden costs. No extra email accounts, no extra software, no extra anything.
  • Choose the VPN ports and protocols that are best for you. Optimize it for VOIP, video conferencing or your local environment. You can't do that with any other public VPN.
  • Over the last twelve years HotSpotVPN has been recommended by The Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine, Intel, WiFiPlanet, MacWorld, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Seattle Times, TechWeb's MobilePipeline and many others.

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