The Internet is an increasingly hostile environment.

Add our tools to your Internet Defense Kit.


HotSpotVPN was created to enable wireless to flourish without fear of privacy invasion. The idea occurred in 1998 after witnessing an impromptu live hack on a private Internet chat during a wireless ISP conference.  

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TinyHardwareFirewall and BlackHoleCloud

These days a VPN alone is not enough, and software firewalls are about as tough as a wet paper bag.  If you can spare to carry about 50 grams of hardware with you then you will be interested in the Tiny Hardware Firewall.  Smaller than a pack of cards, it runs a a 256 bit VPN for you.  If you want your own VPN server(s) and the stealthiest VPN you can imagine with a private Tor bridge then BlackHoleCloud is for you.


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